Irina Khanin

for Delegate

Child advocate attorney with a passion for improving lives of all families



There is no greater equalizer of economic opportunity
than a quality public education and I am committed to a legislative agenda that supports public schools in their mission to meet every child’s needs, whether a child’s goal is a four year college education, a technical or vocational certificate, or learning the skills of an in demand trade.


I have seen first hand how a single, devastating illness can create economic hardship in any family, including my own. I have fought for children less than a year old who are already victims of their parents’ struggles with mental health and addiction. I will advocate fiercely to expand access to medical and mental health services in our community.


As strong homes are built on solid foundations, strong communities rely on solid infrastructure. With our community poised for continued economic growth we must work together to improve our roads, ensure an ongoing supply of clean water, and protect our environment to pass these gifts on to our children.


Vote this November 3rd, 2020

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